TravelPedias solemnly requests you to go through the details of the terms & conditions prior to the confirmation of the booking on our website. Once the booking has been initialized, the concerned user is liable of giving their consent and will have to stringently abide by the terms and the conditions that are as follows:

  • Majority of the flight timings, fares & tariffs are subject to change anytime without a prior notice.
  • Bookings even after the detailed confirmation are subject to change or cancellation by the independent contractors like the Airlines.
  • It is vital for each of the users to provide the authentic information. For details related to the date of birth, origin of the country, with the other additional information must align with the details mentioned in the passport/ any other identification document.
  • Any type of the inaccurate data or misinformation might lead to the cancellation of the booking.
  • Once the initialization of the booking has been done, there is no chance of reverting back both on the side of the customer as well as from our side. At times of any dire emergency, if there is any type of the changes that is made to the original booking, then this might require the additional charge with subject to the details of the schedule of the booking.
  • Each of the customer’s needs to make the entire payment or an installment of it to have the confirmation of the finalization of the process of booking.
  • In case of the installment it is the need of the hour to have the final payment to ensure the final process of booking, before the date of travel. Any kind of default in the mode of payment might result in the cancellation of the process of booking.

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COVID UPDATE: It is also mandatory for the customer to abide by the safety protocols and also possess the authorized certification of the complete doses of the Covid vaccine, to ensure safety of other fellow travelers.