It is the prerogative of TravelPedias to promote the growth of the business, through much of the customer engagement. We initiate all sorts of the required measures that are needed to be imbibed within TravelPedias to ensure the security of the transactions that are being made by the passengers. Also, each of the customer details is highly confidential and the mode of the communication is highly encrypted. In order to derive the key interest of the passengers it is our duty to gain more of the trust through the best of the services rendered by our team.

We have the dignified knowledge of catering to the needs and demands of your expectations at times of need, and we also do abide by the norms and regulations of the law of confidence aligned as per the needs of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. We also do have the best of the team to follow the stringent rules of maintaining security of all the personal data that is and shall be shared.

What you need to share with us?

On following TravelPedias, you shall understand that we need the following data from you:

  • Details of all your personal information that includes name, gender, DOB or the date of birth Your verification proof like the details of the passport number is required
  • Personal contact information like the mobile number, email address, home and/or office addresses, and fax numbers
  • Details of your banking information that includes the credit or the debit card information such as the card number, name on the concerned card, expiry date and the billing address.
  • Details of your professional information like the company details, employee details, and additional contact information of the company associates
  • Details of your travelling information are also required. This includes flight information, booking information, details of the travel companions (optional), your preferable choice of seating and the additional information that is related to the mode of your travel specifics.

Why we need your personal data?

  • To have the creation of the secured database for TravelPedias which also includes the total number of browsers and the registered users- how long do they intend to visit and the mode of choice of the preferences and their top searches.
  • To deliver the best of the services to you, as per the needs of the preferable choice of your browsing habits and additional preferences
  • For you to have the easy and the convenient booking process, we do have the need to verify the details of the banking and the personal information
  • To ensure the smooth transfer of the data and also to facilitate the bond of partnership in the effective collaboration with our business partners & other third parties
  • To have the detailed record of all the personal information that has been shared with us, as a record for the core improvisation of the personal information