Nashville is known to be a music city in the US. There is no doubt that music is everything you turn to even when it comes to traveling. Being the capital of Tennessee, this place is centrally located in the state along the Cumberland River. This place is often called the Athens of the South given its replica of the Parthenon and many universities and colleges. Here, you will come across a wonderful radio station dedicated to Grand Ole Opry. Make your dream vacation perfect by walking on Nashville’s greenway trails that including the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge and Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge.

Another popular attraction and wandering place, is Bicentennial Capital Mall. This city is just a starting point to explore the rest of Tennessee. Several historical attractions including old plantations and civil war sites are just a half-hour drive away. This music city seems to have everything that a traveler seeks. You can have your perfect weekend stay, honeymoon or beach stay here. Explore from more than 120 live music venues across the city. There are hosts of attraction that has made this city the ultimate holiday destination. However, you will also get a taste of Nashville’s fine arts. Choosing to not add this beautiful destination to your travel bucket list will make you regret!

What are the things to do here?

Get all the insights of what you need to do here:

  • Grand Ole Opry
    Once you land in Nashville, do not miss out on Grand Ole Opry. Live amidst various genres of music like gospel, fold, country, and bluegrass. Catch a show to entertain yourself. Also, you can explore the stage and the dressing rooms before the night entertainment begins. Besides music, you can get to see broadcast skits, comedy routines, and skit performances..
  • Nashville Broadway
    The beating heart of Nashville is Broadway. This neighborhood is full of bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, saloons, and many more things. There is much to explore at every step you take. Visit this place during the day to enjoy the most. The nightlife has something more interesting to offer!
  • Cumberland Park
    Get brilliant views of Cumberland River by visiting this park. The 700-mile waterway winds through Tennessee and Kentucky. Being an official riverfront play park, it’s the perfect ground for families to have fun and create memories. You can also visit this park to get some fresh air. Whether you are honeymooning or want to see your kids at play, Cumberland Park is ideal.
  • The Nashville Zoo
    The Nashville Zoo is one of the unique attractions here. This zoo earlier was a standard family home. The best part is some animals are available for feeding and taking pictures. Hence, your kids will love to get close to wildlife. There is much more to explore in this zoo.
  • Johnny Cash Museum
    Unravel the mystery behind Men in Black by visiting Johnny Cash Museum. This museum is home to the largest collections of Johnny Cash artifacts and memorabilia. Such things include films, handwritten notes, and letters written by Cash himself. Johnny Cash lovers want the wealth of information displayed in this museum.

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