Know everything of Montgomery

Montgomery is the heart of Alabama and the city bursting with character. Since it served as the center of the American Civil Right Movement, this city is of historical significance. The streets are filled with colonial architecture and a pleasant smell of jasmine tingles. Once you visit here, there are a wide variety of things to see like family attractions including the Montgomery Zoo, and the cow-themed museum which is quite unique.
This location is considered the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. You can explore the historic attractions throughout the city. Besides, this destination is home to multiple museums and memorials. Food lovers will definitely enjoy the delicious southern cuisine ranging from black-eyed pea soup, country ham, and red-eyed gravy. All these are deliciously tasty and will enhance your taste buds. So, if nothing calls you here, the food will definitely make you visit here once again.
Furthermore, modern Montgomery is the hub of literature and creative arts. So, whatever you are looking for your traveler soul will get everything here. All you need to do is book your flight ticket and add this place to your travel checklist. Hence, are you ready to experience wonders?

What can you do here in Montgomery?

Here is the list of the things that you can do here:

  • Rosa Parks Library and Museum
    Rosa Parks Library and Museum is solely dedicated to information about the accomplishments of those related to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Being the best place for children, it has a time machine that transports travelers back in time to gain more knowledge about history. You can visit this museum and research center to gain more knowledge and understanding.
  • Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
    Fall in love with brilliant art and sculpture by visiting the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Besides, watching a host of current exhibitions, witness art from an array of impressive collections like African artworks, decorative porcelain, American works on paper, and 20th-century snaps. This museum is a must-visit to immerse your day in historical facts.
  • Haunted Montgomery Tours
    Experience the darker side of Montgomery by joining the haunted tours. Take the night tour of exploring the city’s mythical legends. Explore some of the city’s most haunted sites with your naked eyes. Witness the sights of unsolved murders, mass burial grounds, and suspenseful stories. As the tours are limited, it is best to book a seat in advance.
  • King Memorial Baptist Church
    This Baptist Church made it to the US National Register of Historic Places. It depicts the fascinating journey of Martin Luther King from Montgomery to Memphis. Back in 1978, the church was renamed to pay tribute to Luther King, who served as a pastor from 1954 to 1960. Later, explore the church’s structure from a guided tour.
  • Alley Entertainment District
    Want to entertain yourself then head directly to Alley Entertainment District. This bustling area is home to various unique bars, restaurants, and boutiques. Only a decade ago it was revitalized and restored. The area plays a huge homage to the 1920s jazz scenario with numerous underground jazz clubs and bars. On the other hand, you will also come across Fitzgerald museum, Montgomery Biscuits Baseball Stadium, and the Railyard Brewing Company.

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